Ebola Outbreak 2018 – present: Health Information Guide

U.S. Federal Organizations

U.S. Organizations

International Organizations

National Government (non-U.S.) Websites

Free Resources from Publishers for Medical Responders

Biomedical Journal Literature and Reports

From PubMed - Biomedical Literature

From Disaster Lit - Resources and Documents

Ebola Virus Information Sources

Diagnostic Testing for Ebola



Ebola Treatment Drugs in Development and Trials

Clinical Trials

Situation Reports

Training for Healthcare Workers

Children and Ebola

Multimedia Communication Resources

Social Media 

These Twitter accounts are posting news and resources about Ebola:

These Facebook accounts are posting news and resources about Ebola: 


Health Resources for the Public

  • MedlinePlus, U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health 

Multilingual Resources