Section 7: Apps from U.S. Federal Organizations


In this section, we will review several apps from U.S. Federal organizations.

Illustration of a blank cutout of the United States map with a generic smartphone over top.


CDC logo/icon

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


The CDC has a wide array of apps. We have already seen the MMWR Express app. Other apps include:

CDC logo/icon

CDC Mobile—provides the most up-to-date health information from CDC right on your mobile device.


CDC Blast Injury icon

Blast Injury—helps health care providers and public health professionals treat injuries, prepare for blast events, and save lives.


CDC Lab Response Network Rule-Out and Refer icon

Laboratory Response Network Rule-Out and Refer—allows sentinel labs to access important information regarding six potential bioterrorism agents, including information about biosafety, shipping, and select agent compliance associated with each pathogen.


CDC TravWell icon

TravWell—designed for international travel, provides destination-specific vaccine recommendations, a travel checklist, and a healthy travel packing list. You can also use this app to store travel documents and records of immunizations and to set reminders for getting vaccine boosters or taking medicine.


CDC Flu View icon

Flu View—tracks influenza-like illness activity levels across the U.S.

CDC Mobile App home screen, displaying a link to an article from June 23, 2017, about Afghan-American, CDC specialist Ibrahim Parvanta.

CDC Mobile App home screen


FEMA icon

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


The FEMA app and mobile-optimized Web site provide government disaster response information. Users can also upload and share disaster photos to help emergency managers. The FEMA app allows you to:

  • Access weather-related alerts from the U.S. National Weather Service
  • Upload and share disaster photos to help out emergency managers
  • Save a custom list of the items in your family's emergency kit and the places you will meet in case of an emergency
  • Get tips on what to do before, during, and after over 20 types of disasters
  • Locate open shelters and where to talk to FEMA in person at Disaster Recovery Centers


FEMA app home screen, with the options: Weather Alerts, Prepare, Disaster Resources, Share Disaster Photos, In Spanish, How to Help, and Blog.
FEMA app homepage, with the Disaster Resources section expanded, displaying the options: Shelters, Apply for Assistance Online, Check Your Application Status, Call FEMA, and Talk to FEMA in Person.
FEMA app with a map view of pinned locations.

Various views of the FEMA Mobile App



Key Points

In this section, we covered the following main points:

  • Disaster-related apps from the CDC include CDC Mobile, Blast Injury, Lab Response Network Rule-Out and Refer, TravWell, and Flu View.
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) app and mobile-optimized Web site provide government disaster response information.

Key Apps from U.S. Federal Organizations:

  • CDC
    • CDC Mobile
    • Blast Injury
    • Laboratory Response Network Rule-Out and Refer
    • TravWell
    • Flu View
  • FEMA