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2012 Disaster Health Information Outreach Awards

Disaster Health Information Outreach and Collaboration Project Awards

  • Arkansas Department of Health, Emergency Response and Preparedness Branch
    "Disaster Health Information for the Medical Reserve Corps of Arkansas"
    Little Rock, AR
    In partnership with:
    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Library

    A state sponsored mobile resource website and downloadable mobile smartphone applications for the Apple and Android platforms will be developed to provide the Medical Reserve Corps of Arkansas with greater access to state and area-specific disaster-related health information and statewide emergency documents. Public health and first-responder emergency documents also will be easily accessible within the online mobile resource; which will serve a variety of day to day and emergency health information needs. The local tool kit would include, but are not limited to the following NLM resources; WISER, CHEMM, REMM, MedlinePlus, and TOXNET. Accessible state-specific emergency response documents include contact information of emergency preparedness coordinating personnel, annual flu reporting documents, vaccine information sheet, Arkansas Nuclear One (ANO) evacuation routes and disaster instructions, radiation exposure monitoring forms, and more.

  • Georgia Regents University, Robert B. Greenblatt, M.D. Library
    "East Central Georgia Disaster Health Information for Public Health Partners"
    Augusta, GA
    In partnership with:
    Georgia East Central Health District, Office of Bio-Terrorism and Emergency Preparedness

    The Georgia Regents University Library faculty will connect with public health emergency preparedness partners in the East Georgia Central Health District to bridge the information gap between health professionals and vital disaster information resources. The public health partners will receive hands-on training focused on mobile information and key resources from the National Library of Medicine. A guide to disaster medicine information will be developed for the library website to link public health professionals to local and global disaster resources.

  • MESH (Managed Emergency Surge for Healthcare, Inc.)
    "MESH Healthcare Emergency Management and Informationist Working Group"
    Indianapolis, IN
    In partnership with:
    Central Indiana Health Sciences Libraries Consortium

    MESH, a non-profit, public-private coalition that enables healthcare providers to effectively respond to emergency events and remain viable through recovery, will collaborate with the Central Indiana Health Sciences Libraries Consortium (CIHSLC) to provide enhanced access to the most up-to-date and accurate health and disaster preparedness information to local and state public health and emergency management agencies, librarians, healthcare providers and institutions, and informationists in Indiana. Specifically, a Librarian/Informationist Working Group comprised of librarians, informationists, and public health and disaster management professionals will define processes and systems to enhance the content of a free, subscription-based Daily Situational Awareness Brief and by developing methodology to provide, real-time information, online. In addition, MESH will work with CIHSLC to develop unique cross-training opportunities for librarians, informationists, healthcare providers, and first responders. Proposed topics, targeting librarians and informationists, that will be incorporated include continuity of operations, the incident command system, healthcare leadership, emergency triage, family reunification following disasters, and emergency medical services operations. Trainings targeting healthcare providers and first responders will help them to locate, access, and utilize pertinent information available from online and offline resources, as well as learn about procurement procedures, cataloging and organizing information, and maintaining and managing dynamic content.

  • Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Library
    "Sharing Disaster Health Information"
    San Diego, CA
    In partnership with:
    Public Health Services, Health and Human Service, County of San Diego

    The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Library (PCOM) will collaborate with the Public Health Services, Health & Human Services Agency, of the County of San Diego (SDPHS) to share disaster health information and increase awareness of the NLM resources available to first responders and health workers in times of crisis. The objectives are to: 1) provide health information access training workshops for SDPHS disaster, emergency first responders, and the health workforce; 2) conduct cross-training and mutual awareness of the roles of emergency disaster teams, health care workers and information providers (librarians) to gain insights of each other's roles and needs; 3) add the latest NLM disaster and SDPHS emergency resource links to the PCOM Library website to support training workshops and services. The project establishes a framework for SD librarian groups and disaster workers to exchange information, so they can improve disaster services beneficial to the entire community.

  • Southeastern Regional Medical Center
    "Collaborative Partners of Robeson (CPR) Disaster Health Information Initiative"
    Lumberton, NC
    In partnership with:
    Robeson County Department of Public Health
    Robeson County Emergency Management
    City of Lumberton
    Lumberton Emergency Management

    This project will allow the Southeastern Regional Medical Center Incident Command Center, Health Sciences Library, the Community Health Education Center (CHEC), Robeson County Emergency Medical Services, Lumberton, Emergency Services and the Robeson County Health Department to collaboratively improve current Incident Command Center operations and provide much needed disaster health training and resources to the first responders and the community. We will establish a partnership named the Collaborative Partners of Robson (CPR) and provide training to first responders in Robeson County regarding tools such as WISER, REMM, CHEMM, TOXNET and the National Library of Medicine Disaster Information Management Center website. We will provide disaster information resources to the community. During this project period, a shared Incident Command Center online portal will be created to provide a shared cohesiveness between partnered agencies. We will participate in mock training exercises to work out the logistical and operational details in the event of a disaster or emergency.

  • University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Calder Memorial Library
    "Just-in-Time Mobile Training on Disaster Health Information Resources for Medical First Responders"
    Miami, FL
    In partnership with:
    The William Lehman Injury Research Center of the Department of Surgery, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

    Surgeons and medical librarians will work together to create and deliver just-in-time training on high quality National Library of Medicine disaster health information resources. Succinct, engaging video training will be downloaded to IMSuRT first responders' mobile handheld devices at the time of deployment for disaster/emergency response. Responders may view the training as they are being transported to the incident.

    Publications/Training Classes
  • Western Maryland Area Health Education Center, Learning Resource Center
    "Safe Seniors: Appalachian Disaster and Emergency Health Information Outreach"
    Cumberland, MD
    In partnership with:
    Allegany College of Maryland Health Continuing Education Department
    Allegany County Health Department
    Emergency Preparedness Caucus, WMAHEC
    Frostburg State University Pre-Medical Society
    Garrett County Health Department
    Meritus Health Medical Library and Education Department
    Social Work Caucus - Allegany/Garrett Counties, WMAHEC
    Social Work Caucus - Washington County, WMAHEC
    Washington County Health Department
    Western Maryland Health System Parish Nurse and Health Minister Program

    The goal of Safe Seniors: Appalachian Disaster and Emergency Health Information Outreach is to improve disaster medicine and public health information access for health professionals, first responders and others (paid or volunteer) who play a role in health-related disaster preparedness, response, and recovery in three rural Appalachian counties in Maryland, with a focus on the elderly population.

    A needs assessment will be disseminated to at least 100 local libraries and first responders to determine their interest in and availability for training on accessing local and national disaster public health resources, particularly those relating to the elderly and those from the National Library of Medicine. Culturally competent training on accessing local and national disaster medicine and public health resources will be provided for at least 250 area health professionals, first responders, librarians, and volunteers with a role in disaster response, management, and information. And, resources to increase access to local and national disaster medicine and public health resources will be produced, including an ADA Section 508-compliant training video on accessing disaster resources and a downloadable, culturally competent handout on key local and national disaster resources for seniors.

  • Original announcement and solicitation notices for the Disaster Health Information Outreach and Collaboration Projects 2012 (RFP No. NIHLM2012411 and NIHLM2012412).

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National Network of Libraries of Medicine Funded Projects

  • South Central Region
    The South Central Region Disaster Preparedness Awards are intended to assist libraries in preparing for disasters so that they can assist their communities with health information and other recovery needs after an emergency.

    • Hydro Public Library, Hydro, OK
      Disaster Preparedness and Education Using Technology
      The Hydro Public Library and the Hydro Fire Department will partner to bring disaster education to first responders as well as implement a disaster plan using technology for communication between the department, library and community.
    • Dallas Public Library, Dallas, TX
      Dallas Public Library Emergency Preparedness Planning
      This project will allow Dallas Public Library to develop a library and community disaster preparedness plan, including a one-shelf disaster library collection at seven branches throughout the greater Dallas area.

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